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Improved Acme Washing Machine 



22nd and Indiana Sts. San Francisco 

THE IMPROVED ACME is a necessity in every household. No home 
can afford to be without one. Saves your strength, health, patience. 

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The Improved Acme Washing Machine 

(Patent pending) 

Saves Two-Thirds the Labor. 
Does the Work Better in One-Third the Time. 

We have the pleasure of presenting our Improved ACME WASHING MA- 
CHINE which we are now ready to supply to the trade. In the future we 
will manufacture this machine only. For some time we have been manufac- 
turing the ACME WASHER, and have met with the greatest success In every 
section of the country ; In fact, on every hand it Is pronounced the best and 
most practical machine ever made. If the old ACME was good and appreciated, 
as it certainly was, the Improved ACME will b? doubly so for it has many im- 
provements over the old machine which will be readily recognized. We ask 
your careful and critical inspection. 


Description of Improved Acme Washing 


The tub is made of the best quality of white cedar ; every piece carefully 
selected. Hoops are of galvanized iron. Size of tub inside measure, diameter 
at bottom 22% in. Diameter at top 23% in. Height, inside measure, 11% 
in. Lid is made of yellow poplar tongued and grooved and held in place by 
heavy cleats. Rubber (see cut opposite page) is made of two thicknesses of 
yellow poplar with grain crossed so there is no danger of warping. The rub- 
ber strips on rubber are made of hard white maple. In bottom of tub is used 
rubber strips same as on rubber, and made of the same material. Frame which 
carries tub is made of hard maple and put together in the most substantial 
manner with bolts, and where necessary we use corner irons to strengthen 
and stiffen. We also use steel braces, as shown, which make the whole struc- 
ture stiff and strong. All castings of malleable iron which we guarantee 
not to break. Upright pieces which carry wringer are of angle steel, size % 
in. The stand which carries wringer is shifted back and forward at will by 
simply loosening thumb screws on each side of stand. In illustration on page 
1, the wringer stand is shown in proper position when machine is ready to 
operate, with lever bar in place which keeps rubber from turning with tub. 
Illustration on opposite page shows wringer stand thrown forward and man- 
ner in which a wringer may be attached . The position of wringer in this il- 
lustration is over the tub, hence in wringing out clothes after washing to place 
in basket or other tub which should be carried on extended stand, the water 
will drain into the tub; there is no danger of any going on the floor. On 
page 4 we show the machine with section taken out. As wiil be observed, the 
rubber adjusts itself to the height of the clothes in tub and is always station- 
ary. It is not moved with tub. The action of the water through holes in 
rubber tend to suck it down just sufficient to assist the water in doing the 
work. Illustration on page 5 is intended to show arrangement of coil springs 
which in conjunction with the ball bearings make the action in operating the 
machine practically automatic ; in fact it is so easy to operate that the work 
can be done by a very small child without effort. 


Our Washer has no obstruc- 
tion of any kind in tub and 
will hold more clothes than 
any Washer made. 

Has hinged lid, which keeps 
in all steam and prevents 
water from splashing over 

(Patent pending) 

The illustration above sbows the machine open with lid and rubber rest- 
ing against handle of machine. As will be observed also, the wringer stand is 
swung forward just far enough over the tub so that when wringing out the 
ciothes the water will go back into the tub. 

As explained in the description, the wringer stand is held firmly in place 
by means of thumb screws which catch the segment of circle attached to the 
angle iron in a firm grip, keeping it in place. 

The hamper stand for either another tub, or for a clothes basket, which 
ever is preferred, is extended and is sufficiently high so that the level of the 
second tub would be about the same as the tub of the machine. 

The wringer is attached, as shown, to an inch thick piece of hard maple 
and can be left always in place. It does not have to be removed. Any kind 
of a wringer can be used without any trouble. After the washing is over, the 
thumb screws «if wringer stand are simply loosened and stand swung back to 
an upright position to close lid. 


[Patent pending; 

Will Wash Finest Fabrics Without Tearing or Breaking a Thread — 
the Heaviest Articles With Perfect Ease. 

All Iron Exposed to Water Heavily Galvanized — All Wood Parts Fin- 
ished in Oil and Varnish. 

The above illustration is intended to show the position of the rubber 
when the machine is filled with clothes ready to operate. As will be noted, 
it adjusts itself to the height of the clothes. The rubber is always station- 
ary. It does not revolve with the tub and because of the action of the water 
through the holes the rubber is brought or sucked down to the clothes just 
enough to assist the action of the water in doing the work. In emptying the 
tub, the plug, as shown, is simply removed and the water emptied into a 
bucket or some other receptacle. It Is necessary, when the water is low, to 
slightly tip the machine forward in order that the water will drain out. 

See page 6 as to how Machine operates and Directions for Using. 


(Patent pending) 

Runs on Ball Bearings Without Effort — No Noise. 

Simplicity Itself. .Absolutely Nothing to Get Out of Order. 

This illustration shows the coil springs which, in connection with 
the ball bearings, greatly assist the operator in working the machine; 
in fact the action is so easy that it requires no effort whatever to 
turn the tub from side to side. 

The Improved Acme is a household necessity. Should be in 
every home. Saves your strength, health and patience. We guar- 
antee it to do more work — better work — with less work, than any other 
machine made. 


How It Operates 

The machine operates on ball bearings and in turning to the right 
and left engages coil springs, as shown on page 5, which assist the 
operator greatly, making the action practically automatic. In fact the 
machine works so easily that a small child can run it without the 
least trouble or exertion. The tub revolves about half way round. The 
rubber which rests on the clothes remains stationary and because 
of the holes through same is brought or sucked down on the clothes. 
The movement of the tub from side to side sends the water through 
the cloches in a violent manner and in connection with the rubber 
at the top and bottom of the tub does the work and washes the 
clothes clean in a very few moments. 

Directions for Using 

Soak the clothes to be washed in a tub of cold water (not in the 
"Washing Machine) over night, if possible, and wring out before plac- 
ing in the machine. Dissolve laundry soap in three quarts of hot 
water. Rub the much soiled parts of the clothes, such as wrist and 
neck bands of shirts and bottoms of skirts, with soap before putting 
into the washer. Pour sufficient Boiling Hot Water into the Washer 
to cover and float the clothes and add enough dissolved soap to make 
a good suds. Wash the least soiled clothes first and if any should 
not come out clean, leave them in the tub to be washed again. It 
will require but from six to ten minutes to wash the white clothes 
clean. For the second run of white clothes add more Boiling Hot 
Water and dissolved soap to keep up the suds to good strength. After 
washing and wringing out the white clothes, wash the colored ones 
in the same suds, then draw off the suds and rinse the Washer well. 
Then rinse all the clothes in the Washer using Boiling Hot Water. 
The colored clothes may, of course, be washed in the water used for 
rinsing, if preferred. Add a little boiled starch to the blueing water. 
It keeps the clothes clean longer and they will wash easier. 

We guarantee entire satisfaction if these directions are followed. 
Do not fail to use plenty of Boiling Hot Water and plenty of soap. 
This is very necessary. 

Care of Washer 

Do not leave the Washer in a hot room or exposed to the sun 
•when not in use. Keep in a cool, damp place. A wet sponge placed 
inside the Machine will be a benefit and the Machine will last longer. 
Oil the bearings occasionally. 


The Prize Wringer 

(Patent periing) 
Only Wringer that was awarded a prize at the World's Fair. 


White Rubber Roils, llxl % in. Vulcanized on Shaft. Galvanized, Mal- 
leable Iron Frame, will not Hot. Rust or Break. 

Invisible Cogs, Automatic Clamps, No Thumb Screws. Self Adjustable, 
Turn Easiest. 

The PRIZE lias the latest patented star wheel lever, clamping combina- 
tion that fastens it securely to our Washing Machine, or any kind of tub, 
wood, fibre or' galvanized iron. No thumb screws to get rusty or out of or- 
der. Only requires two seconds to fasten, adjust and remove from the tub. 


1st. The Prize Wringer has a GALVANIZED MALLEABLE IRON 

FRAME that will not rust, rot or break. 2d. It has no thumb screws, 
which are a source of great annoyance in all other wringers. 3d. It is the 
ONLY Wringer which, by a simple movement of the hand, can be fastened to 
the tub ready for use, or changed from one tub to another. 4th. It exerts an 
equal pressure on the rolls. 5th. It is the ONLY Wringer by which you can 
wring from a lace handkerchief to a bed quilt without adjusting. 6th. It 
is the ONLY Wringer constructed on sound scientific principles. 7th. It has 
a greater capacity than any other Wringer. 8th. It is unequaled in simplicity 
of construction. In strength, durability, finish and ease of operation. 9th. It 
will not tear off or crack the buttons as other wringers do while passing 
through the rolls. 10th. It is lighter and less cumbersome than any wringer 
made. 11th. It is the ONLY wringer which, when not in use. there is no 
pressure on the rolls or tension on the springs. 12th. It is the most attrac- 
tive wringer on the market. 13th. It was awarded the Medal over all com- 
petitors at the World's Fair. 14th. Tt has all the advantages of cog wring- 
ers, and overcomes all the objections raised against them. 15th. It Is with- 
out a peer, and unquestionably the Best Wringer In the world. 


Several excellent features of the Improved Acme 
Washer, which, beyond question, make it the most 
practical and best Washing Machine ever offered 
to the public : 

1st. The machine runs on ball bearings in connection with coil 
springs which makes the action of turning from side to side practically 

2d. Has hinged steam tight lid which keeps in all steam and 

prevents water from splashing over. After doing washing, lid and 

rubber are simply raised and rest against handle. The suds and 
water on rubber and lid will then drain back into the tub. 

3d. There is no obstruction of any kind in our tub such as an iron 
post running through the center, as in many machines, which is 
bound to rust in time and stain the clothes, and around which the 
clothes will, in many instances, wrap and hence tear. 

4th. Our arrangement for attaching wringer to swinging stand 
is something entirely new. It is a most substantial and practical 
device. When wringing clothes out of tub after washing is done, there 
is not the least danger of any of the water going on the floor. 

5th. The extension stand which, when not in use, can be folded 
up against uprights, is a most convenient arrangement on which to 
place another tub or clothes basket when doing the washing. 

6th. The principle on which the Acme Washer operates is the 
correct principle for a Washing Machine. It does the work quicker 
and better than any other style of Washer, and there is absolutely no- 
danger of tearing or injuring the clothes. 

7th. There are no complicated parts in connection with the- 
Washer. It is simplicity itself. Nothing to get out of order. 

8th. All iron parts exposed to action of water are heavily gal- 

9th. All wood parts of the machine are finished in oil and var- 
nish. Iron parts, except those galvanized, painted black.